Diet Powders v.s The 3 Day Military Diet

Everyone is always looking for the next new diet product to jump start their new weight lost routine. Initially intrigued by the new diet powder formula, I decided to give it a try. This new formula is a powdered supplement that can be added to any bottle of water. The main ingredients are green coffee, garciniacambogia and alpha lipoic acid. It is safe to drink up to two times a day and, according to the website, is an affective way to boost weight loss.

This type of supplement is especially good for those on the go. This product has been on the market since 2011 but is still only available through the website. This product is packed with great ingredients and the company has received a BBB rating. Compared to other products of it's caliber, I found the Pruvit product: Keto OS diet formula to be pretty affordable. Not only did it help me curb my appetite, I but also left me feeling full and energetic.

Another option for those trying to lose weight is the 3 Day Military Diet. This is a new diet that is trending and becoming known as a great way to lose weight fast. The main idea behind this 3 Day Military Diet is based on solid metabolism-boosting science.

There are foods you can eat (3 day diet) as well. Individuals have reported losing more than 10 lbs in just 10 days. Some of the cons of the military diet is that is very restrictive and extremely regimented. The best part of this diet is that it is short and easy. Followers also say it is quite uncomplicated.

The 3 Day Military Diet requires you to follow a strict whole foods based meal plan. No supplements or powders are required but meals are low-calorie and high in nutrients and variety. It may come as a relief that the 3 Day Military Diet does not require much cooking either. I found it quite easy to follow after I got used to the restrictions. This diet offers followers vegan and vegetarian options as well as alternatives in case a food you don't like is recommended.Learn how to maintain weight loss with these steps in

You're welcome to fish for another lean protein source. This diet allows the follower to have 4 "off days" but you still can not overeat. This diet is basically selective fasting for those who need to lose weight fast. Obviously, it is recommended that followers drink plenty of water and exercise to boost the fat burning qualities of this diet. This easy 'no fuss' diet is a great way to shed those extra pounds fast!